Mathematics applied to

Mathematical models may be able to describe the complex interactions present in tumor growth and other medical problems and provide insight and tools to design novel therapies and optimize current ones.

What is Mathematical Oncology?

Mathematical Oncology describes processes in oncology using the tools and systematization methods of Mathematics. This includes mathematical model building and techniques from Applied Mathematics: differentialequations, numerical methods, optimization, etc.

In other fields of Science such as Physics or Engineering, scientists write equations and pose problems in a language familiar to the mathematician. However, in Medicine it is the applied mathematician who must understand the problem and formulate models in partnership with biologists and/or clinicians, which makes the field truly interdisciplinary and demands people with a strong interest in applications.

The ultimate goals are to improve the current treatments of cancer patients and to build hypotheses that can be tested by clinicians and biologists. Thus, we try to generate knowledge directly applicable in Medicine.