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Seminar "CAR-T cell immunotherapy: from the bench to mathematical modeling"
Sala Juntas, E.T.S.I Industriales, 11:30h.
Wednesday March 20, 2024
ICESP-Centro de Investigação Translacional em Oncologia. São Paulo, Brazil
CAR-T cell immunotherapy is revolutionizing treatment for hematological malignancies. Proof-of-concept experiments were made in preclinical mouse models before the clinical trials. Our and other groups showed that less in vitro expansion time could bring benefits decreasing exhaustion and increasing CAR-T cell memory formation. Then we develop CARTmath, a software to make in silico experiments of mouse models. Based on clinical trial data we developed a multiphasic model of CAR-T cell therapy including several phenotypes of CAR-T cells: effector, memory, and exhaustion. With the higher availability of CAR-T cell therapy, many resistance mechanisms emerged. We continued to develop models and now included resistant tumor cells, trying to predict antigen-positive or negative relapses.


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