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Fisymat Master programme ranked third in Spain in 'Experimental Sciences and Technology'
Wednesday June 23, 2021

Fisymat Master programme ranked third in Spain in the 'Experimental Science and Technology' category including Mathematics, Chemistry and Physical Sciences according to the prestigious ranking published every year by 'El Mundo' newspaper. 

This is a master programme run by the Universities of Granada and Castilla-La Mancha that covers different applications of mathematics including subjects related to biomathematics such as 'Ecological models', 'Bioinformatics' and 'Mathematical Oncology', as well as methodological contents.

Fysimat is the only Master programme in mathematics included in the rankings of the best Msc programmes in Spain.

MOLAB members participate in the master as instructors of the biomathematics courses and supervising final Msc projects on medical applications of mathematics.


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