Modelling the role of flux density and coating on nanoparticle internalization by tumor cells under centrifugation
G.F. Calvo, B. Cortes-Llanos, J. Belmonte-Beitia, Gorka Salas, A. Ayuso-Sacido
Applied Mathematical Modelling, 78 (2020) 98-116
Nanoparticle (NP)-based applications are becoming increasingly important in the biomedical field. However, understanding the interactions of NPs with biofluids and cells is a major issue in order to develop novel approaches aimed at boosting their internalization and, therefore, their translation into the clinic. To this end, we put forward a transport mathematical model to describe the spatio-temporal dynamics of iron oxide NPs and their interaction with cells under moderate centrifugation. Our numerical simulations allowed us to quantify the relevance of the flux density as one of the unavoidable key features driving NPs interaction with the media as well as for cell internalization processes. These findings will help to increase the efficiency of cell labelling for biomedical applications.