Optimizing the delivery of combination therapy for tumors: A mathematical model
C. Rojas Rodríguez and J. Belmonte-Beitia
International Journal of Biomathematics 10 (2017) 1750039
We present in this paper a new mathematical model for the scheduling of angiogenic inhibitors in combination with a chemotherapeutic agent for a tumor. Our model takes into account the process of angiogenesis and the quality of the vasculature discriminating between stable blood vessels and unstable blood vessels. We characterize theoretically the optimal controls on drug distribution to minimize the number of cancer cells at the end of the treatment in a free horizon time problem with restrictions on the total amount of drug doses. Finally, we solve the optimal control problem by using numerical simulations, obtaining as a result that, despite the number of the tumor cells decrease with anti-angiogenic treatment, the best results are reached at the end of the chemotherapy treatment.