Applied mathematics and nonlinear sciences in the war on cancer
V.M. Pérez-García, S. Fitzpatrick, L.A. Pérez-Romasanta, M. Pesic, P. Schucht, E. Arana, P. Sánchez-Gómez
Applied Mathematics and Nonlinear Sciences 1(2) (2016) 423-436
Applied mathematics and nonlinear sciences have an enormous application potential in cancer. Mathematics can help in rising novel hypotheses to test, developing novel optimized treatment schedules and personalizing therapies. However, in spite of a large ammount of global activity on the topic, this potential is yet to be proven in real-world applications to specific cancer types. In this paper I describe the field and discuss my own vision on why this happens and what are some actions to be followed in order to make mathematical knowledge’s applications to reach cancer patients.