Photoionization with orbital angular momentum beams
A. Picón, J. Mompart, J.R. Vázquez de Aldana, L. Plaja, G.F. Calvo, L. Roso
Optics Express 18, 3660-3671 (2010)
MOLAB authors
Intense laser ionization expands Einsteins photoelectric effect rules giving a wealth of phenomena widely studied over the last decades. In all cases, so far, photons were assumed to carry one unit of angular momentum. However it is now clear that photons can possess extra angular momentum, the orbital angular momentum (OAM), related to their spatial profile. We show a complete description of photoionization by OAM photons, including new selection rules involving more than one unit of angular momentum. We explore theoretically the interaction of a single electron atom located at the center of an intense ultraviolet beam bearing OAM, envisaging new scenarios for quantum optics.