Enabling multiscale modeling in systems medicine
O. Wolkenhauer, C. Auffray, O. Brass, J. Clairambault, A. Deutsch, D. Drasdo, F. Gervasio, L. Preziosi, I. Ramís-Conde, P. Maini, A. Marciniak-Czochra, C. Kossow, L. Kuep
Genome Medicine. 6, 21 (2014)
The (mal)functioning of the human body is a complex process, characterised by multiple interactions between systems that act across multiple levels of structural and functional organisation -- from molecular reactions to cell-cell interactions in tissues to the physiology of organs and organ systems. Over the last decade, we have gained detailed insights into the structure and function of molecular, cellular and organ-level systems, with technologies playing an important role in the generation of data at these different scales. An important (and challenging) theme for Systems Medicine is the integration of this knowledge across the relevant levels of organisation.