Laser tweezers for atomic solitons
A. V. Carpentier, J. Belmonte-Beitia, H. Michinel, M. I. Rodas-Verde
Journal of Modern Optics, 55(17), 2819-2829, (2008).
MOLAB authors
We describe a controllable and precise laser tweezers for Bose-Einstein condensates of ultracold atomic gases. In our configuration, a laser beam is used to locally modify the sign of the scattering length in the vicinity of a trapped BEC. The induced attractive interactions between atoms allow to extract and transport a controllable number of atoms. We analyze, through numerical simulations, the number of emitted atoms as a function of the width and intensity of the outcoupling beam. We also study different configurations of our system, as the use of moving beams. The main advantage of using the control laser beam to modify the nonlinear interactions in comparison to the usual way of inducing optical forces, i.e. through linear trapping potentials, is to improve the controllability of the outcoupled solitary wave-packet, which opens new possibilities for engineering macroscopic quantum states.