Mathematical Oncology: Models, Analysis and Applications
In this Project we intend to address several problems of relevance in Oncology from the point of view of mathematical modelling. We will build mathematical models incorporating the essential biological features of the problems under study. We will also study the models and their behavior in the scenarios arising in different applications. The Project is structured around four general objectives: (i) Novel therapeutical strategies in grade 2 gliomas. (ii) Mathematical models of glioblastoma (gliobastoma on microfluidic chips, novel combined therapies, (iii) Optimal therapies and tumoral heterogeneity: A mathematical approach. (iv) Medical image and spatio-temporal cancer models (glioblastoma models, brain metastasis models, and locally advanced breast cancer). In all these field we intend to develop relevant methodological contributions and results of interest for the clinical practice. In the context of our previuos Project MTM2012-31073 we have recently obtained very relevant results. In this Project we intend to go far beyond that and open new field of action for Applied Mathematics in a emerging scientific area of global interest.
Funding entity
Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (2016-2019)
Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha
Principal investigator
4 years
84800 €