Mathematical models in Complex Systems Biology

The general aim of this project is to deepen into the Biology-Mathematics interface, for which a selected set of relevant biological problems will be considered and predictive models and efficient mathematical tools will be developed to describe and quantify biological systems that present a high heterogeneity. Also, some of the problems that will be addressed in this project evidence a clear clinical relevance and, therefore, another goal will be to transfer several of the results achieved within the theoretical framework to the clinic.

Why Mathematics?

Mathematical models are used in Science and Engineering to create conceptual frameworks in order to understand Nature and provide solutions to real-world problems. Here we intend to address different problems in the broad field of
mathematics of the complex systems biology, which aim to lay the groundwork for further application studies.

The Team

The researchers working on this project are MOLAB members Gabriel F. Calvo (PI), Ignacio Ramís Conde, Arturo Alvarez-Arenas Alcami and Juan Belmonte Beitia (PI) together with some external collaborators and other MOLAB members as Víctor M. Pérez-García, Odelaisy León Triana and María R. Durán.

Beyond this project

The methodological advances provided by this project are being used on the different application fields of interest of the MOLAB group. They are leading to proposals under testing in clinical studies.

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