Improving cell therapies in neuroblastoma through mathematical modelling


Cell therapies have become a novel tool in oncology for the treatment of aggressive and/or metastatic advanced tumors. In this project we will study two of them focusing on neuroblastoma. First, we will study mathematically the clinical trial of Celyvir, whose basis is mesenchymal stem cells loaded with an oncolytic virus, with the goal of improving its effectiveness. Secondly we will consider mathematically novel strategies to improve CAR-T effectiveness in neuroblastoma.

Why Mathematics?

Mathematics is a useful tool to improve the design of clinical trials in-silico and obtaining the most out of the therapies.

The Team

The research team is composed of MOLAB members Arturo Álvarez-Arenas (coPI), Juan Belmonte-Beitia (coPI), Gabriel F Fernández-Calvo, Víctor M. Pérez García, Odelaisy León-Triana, María Rosa Durán, Salvador Chulián and Álvaro Martínez Rubio.

Beyond this project

The results of this project could be applied to different tumor types. More specifically, mesenchymal stem cells are under study as carriers to improve the efficacy of oncolytic viruses for other cancer types. Also, improving the effectiveness of CAR-T cell treatments in solid tumors is one of the major challenges to further extend those

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