Evolutionary dynamics applied to treatment optimization in Glioblastoma


This project intends to simulate the evolutionary dynamics of intratumoral heterogeneity to provide a conceptual test-bed to optimize treatments in-silico. The study will combine in-silico simulations with proofs of concept in animal models and the use of clinical data to validate the ideas.

Why Mathematics?

Mathematics provides a way to simulate the arising, interaction and competition of different genotypes/phenotypes under environments varying in time. In that way, it provides an ideal test bench to study evolutionary dynamic concepts.

The Team

The research team is composed of MOLAB members Carmen Ortega Sabater (PI), Gabriel F Fernández Calvo (co-supervisor) and Víctor M. Pérez García (co-supervisor).

Beyond this project

Evolutionary dynamics plays a role in many different cancer types and is a major obstacle to overcome treatment resistances.

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